Office of Recreation, Involvement, and Student Engagement (R.I.S.E.)

Although we don’t know what the impact of COVID-19 will be on our campuses, we will continue to monitor, assess and communicate, while doing what is best for our students, faculty, and staff.

This web page will be updated regularly and can serve as a valuable information tool for all members of the Saint Mary’s community.

Virtual Programming

DEGY Entertainment who provides many of the concert and dance parties that SAC brings to campus is providing free digital content for students. Stay up to date on upcoming events by checking their Facebook page or following @Degyentertainment on Facebook.

Learn That Thing Virtual How-To's

A weekly free video series “Learn that Thing” on Degy Entertainment’s Facebook Page. Classes are every Thursday at 2 PM Central Time

  •  April 2: How to Salsa with Salsa Fiesta
  • April 9: Juggle with Kobbler Jay
  • April 16: Lean to DJ with DJ Vito
  • April 23: Vocal Lesson
  • April 30: Play Cello with Byerself


Friday Night Live!

Every Friday at 6 PM Central Time
Friday Night Live! is Degys *NEW* Friday night concert series hosted by DJ Jeff and MC Ari.
This concert series is FREEf


Intramural Words with Friends Tournament


Sign up to take part in our Intramural Words with Friends Virtual Tournament! If you would like to participate in the tournament, please send you Words with Friends username to by 11:59 PM Central time this Friday (April 3rd) and your name will get added to the bracket. The bracket will be sent out to all participants by 9 AM on April 6th.

1.  Play one game with your opponent. You have one day (24 hours) to complete your game.

2. Winner is responsible for reporting scores, though certainly, either party may report.  Scores must be reported by deadline or you will be eliminated from the tourney.  IF SLOW PLAY IS AN ISSUE, contact Haley Jung at!  If there is no play for 24 hours, provide a screenshot and you may claim the win. Do it prior to deadline!  If neither player contacts Haley, both are eliminated.  If the game is delayed and at the time of deadline the player who is ahead reports scores to their win, that is not acceptable.  We need to hear from players with delayed play to make a ruling.  It is not guaranteed the player who is ahead advances.  We need to know what was the delay to decide the fairest outcome. If you are ahead and do not contact but your opponent does, chances are they will advance!  FINAL WORD:  Communicate with Haley and Intramurals if there are issues!

3.  You may play to the next round as soon as you know your next opponent. I will update the bracket as soon as I receive scores and will send it out to all participants to keep it updated.

4. No outside help with your game playing, play timely, and communicate with your opponent as well as with Haley if you need assistance with this tourney!

5.  FINAL MATCH / CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH:  The winner is to provide a screenshot of the final game!


Verizon "Pay it Forward Live" Concert Series


Every Tuesday/Thursday at 7 PM Central Time Verizon is hosting love concerts from famous musical artist’s homes. You can stream the shows on the @Verizon Twitter account and Yahoo Entertainment.


Thursday, April 2: Ryan Tedder from ONEREPUBLIC 



In-Home Workout Resource Guide

Helping You Stay Active

During this time of uncertainty, you’re going through a lot of change. And change can be stressful. It’s important to do small things every day to stay active and healthy.

Daily exercise is one of the most effective ways to keep stress levels down. Building it into your daily routine can be very beneficial.

Use this guide to help you continue to lead a healthy life and de-stress. We’ll update this guide on a regular basis with new workouts and tips.

Variety is important! If there is a type of workout you’re particularly interested in or would like to try, email We’ll find free workouts you can do at home and add them to this guide.

Planet Fitness- Free Daily Facebook Live Workouts
Looking for live group fitness classes with a trainer? Every day at 6 PM Central Time Planet Fitness is hosting free daily live streamed in-home workouts as part of their United We Move program. 
Live workouts can be found on the Planet Fitness Facebook Page
Miss a workout? All the Planet Fitness workouts are archived on their YouTube Channel
Free Yoga Videos
Interested in yoga? Follow the link below to get access to over 50 free yoga classes on YouTube!
Strength and Conditioning Newsletter by Matt Sagar, Saint Mary's University of Minnesota Strength and Conditioning Coach

Cardinals, welcome to the Cardinal Strength News article. This will be a bi-weekly production for you to enjoy and learn from. Each section will have various topics under there overarching themes! This section, as the name suggets, will be focused on leadership and what that looks like within athletics, the classroom, and well beyond your college career! There will be some resources that may be available on the Cardinal Strength tab of the athletics website that may be associated with the topic of each section so do not hesitate to check that out if your interested!

-Coach Sagar

Terms to Know

Stands for Every Minute on the Minute. A type of interval workout where you perform a specific task at the start of every minute for a set amount of time.

Is a cardiovascular exercise strategy alternating short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods, until you’re too exhausted to continue.

Stands for As Many Reps as Possible. AMRAP means you do a circuit of exercises as many times as possible within a specific period of time.

Complete the workout once as fast as possible.

Not sure how to do a certain move? Check out the YouTube videos linked to each movement.

Daily 30-minute In-Home Workouts

These workouts will be updated every Monday with six new workouts for the week. This is a great option if you are looking for something to do consistently every day. These workouts should take around 30 minutes from start to finish.

Monday, March 30


Warm Up

3 rounds

  • 40 high knees
  • 20 bodyweight single leg RDLs (total)
  • 20 scap only pushups 

Daily Workout 

  • Basic Workout
    • AMRAP 8 minutes
      • 20 plate hops or 40 jumping jacks
      • Air Squats
        • 2-4-6-8-10, etc.
      • Rest 4 minutes
    • AMRAP 8 minutes
      • 20 Plate Hopes or 40 jumping jacks
      • Alternating Step Back Lunges (Total)
    • *Flow will go like this: 20 plate hops, 2 air squats squats, 20 plate hops, 4 air squats squats, 20 plate hops, 6 squats squats.. and so on! Same flow for AMRAP number 2

Cool Down

  • 20 minute steady state cardio (jog, bike, etc.)
Tuesday, March 31
        • 3 rounds
          • 2 minute run or 1:30 high knees
          • 15 burpees
          • 30 alternating step back lunges
        • Rest 3:00 between sets


    • Motorcrossed (Advanced)
      • 2 sets
        • 3 rounds


Wednesday, April 1
  • Warm-Up
    • 2 rounds
      • 10 big arm circles (forward)
      • 10 big arm circles (backward)
      • 1:00 bottom of the squat hold
      • :30 hollow hold
  • Daily Workout (Pick 1)
    • Smart House
      • AMRAP 20:00


    • Smart House (Advanced)
      • AMRAP 20:00
        • 10 Hand Release Push Ups
        • 20 alternating leg v-ups
        • 30 goblet squats (Dumbbell 50/35, Kettlebell 53/35)
  • Accessory Work
    • 3 Rounds
      • 10 bent over single arm rows (R/L)
      • 10 windmills (R/L)
      • 10 lateral chair step ups (R/L)
  • Bonus Stretching
    • 2:00 couch stretch (R/L)
    • 1:00 pigeons stretch (R/L)
    Thursday, April 2 - Recovery Day


    30 minute walk or jog

    Friday, April 3
    • Warm-Up
      • 3 rounds
        • 10 big arm circles forward
        • 10 big arm circles backward
        • 10 90/90 hip switches
        • 10 dynamic squat stretch
    • Daily Workout (Pick 1)
      • Johnny Tsunami
        • 40-30-20-10
          • Alternating chair step ups (total)
          • Jumping air squats
          • Chair dips
        • *The flow will go as such: 40 alternating chair step ups, 40 jumping air squats, 40 chair dips, 30 alternating chair step ups, 30 jumping air squats, 30 chair dips, and so on.


      • Johnny Tsunami (Advanced)
        • 40-30-20-10
        • *The flow will go as such: 40 alternating chair step ups, 40 thrusters, 40 burpees, 30 alternating chair step ups, 30 thrusters, 30 burpees, and so on.
    • Accessory Work
      • 3 Rounds
        • 20 scap only push ups
        • 10 bird dog (each side)
        • 15 single leg calf raise (R/L)
    • Bonus Stretching
      • 2:00 child’s pose
      • 1:00 seal stretch

      Individual Short Workouts

      Core Workouts


      1. EMOM for 10 minutes: 10-12 situps depending on ability
      2. EMOM for 10 minutes
        • Minute 1: 10-12 situps depending on ability
        • Minute 2: 30 second low plank 
      3. EMOM for 15 minutes
        • Minute 1: Max situps
        • Minute 2: Max superman raises
        • Minute 3: Rest
      4. EMOM for 15 minutes
      5. EMOM for 15 minutes


      1. 8 rounds (20 seconds on/10 second rest) – superman holds
      2. 16 rounds (20 seconds on/10 second rest) – low plank
      3. 20 rounds (20 seconds on/10 seconds rest, alternating sides) – right side plank and left side plank


      1. 5 minute AMRAP
        • 15 situps
        • 30 mountain climbers
      2. 5 minute AMRAP
      3. 8 minute AMRAP
        • 50 situps
        • 100 mountain climbers
        • 50 jump in place or jump rope
      Whole Body Workouts

      FOR TIME

      1. 3 rounds (round 1: 21 reps each movement, round 2: 15 reps each movement, round 3: 9 reps each movement)
        • Burpees
        • Leg raises 
      2. 2 rounds for time
        • 30 situps
        • 60 pushups
        • 90 air squats
      3. 1 round
        • Run for 1 minute + 40 air squats
        • Run for 1 minute + 20 pushups
        • Run for 1 minute + 40 total lunges
        • Run for 1 minute + hold plank for 1 minute
        • Run for 1 minutes + 15 burpees
      4. 100 air squats
        • Set a clock when you start, every minute do 5 burpees (do burpees every :30 seconds for a greater challenge)
      5. 150 burpees for time
      6. 10 rounds
        • 10 jump squats
        • 70 jump rope
      7. 3 rounds
        • 30 pushups
        • 60 air squats
      8. For time – reps: 100-75-50-25
        • Situps
        • Leg lifts
        • Russians twists


      1. 8 rounds
        • :20 seconds jump squats
        • :10 second rest


      1. Every 2 minutes for 10 minutes (5 sets)
        • 5 burpees
        • 5 leg lifts
        • 5 burpees
      2. Every minute for 20 minutes do 10 burpees
      3. 14 minutes
        • Minute 1: 10 burpees
        • Minute 2: Max effort air squats for :30 seconds then rest for :30 seconds
          • Repeat until you hit 14 minutes
      4. 15 minutes
        • Minute 1: :45 second wall sit
        • Minute 2: 80 jump rope
        • Minute 3: 20 situps
          • Repeat until you hit 15 minutes
      5. 16 minutes
        • Minute 1: 12 burpees
        • Minute 2: 15 situps
          • Repeat until you hit 16 minutes


      1. 10 min AMRAP
        • 60 jump rope/jump in place
        • 7 pushups
      2. 12 min AMRAP
        • 10 burpees
        • 10 pushups
        • 20 situps
      3. 16 min AMRAP
        • 30 lunges
        • 20 situps
        • 10 pushups
      4. 18 min AMRAP
        • 50 jump rope or jump in place
        • 50 air squats
        • 50 situps
        • :30 second run
      5. 7 min AMRAP (do 2 times with a 2 minute rest between)
        • 10 burpees (add a box jump after the burpee for extra challenge)
        • 10 leg raises
        • 10 air squats

      More Workout Options

      Apps to Download for Free Workouts

      Nike Training Club

      This Nike-branded app bills itself as your “ultimate personal trainer.” It offers a library of more than 185 free workouts — from strength and endurance-based routines to mobility and yoga sessions — all featuring virtual guidance from Nike Master Trainers. The app provides daily recommendations, and the more workouts you log, the more personalized these picks become.
      adidas Training by Runtastic

      The adidas app offers a variety of workouts that are seven to 45 minutes long. There are more than 180 workouts with detailed demonstrations, and users can join any level of tiered membership for added features.
      7 Minute Workout

      This app is a solution to the classic “I want to work out, but I feel like I just don’t have the time” conundrum. With 7-minute, no-equipment sweat sessions designed to deliver maximum benefit in the shortest time possible, you can quickly and effectively break a sweat — and then get on with the rest of your day.

      Daily Yoga: Workout & Fitness

      Guided daily yoga moves from beginner to advanced — it’s a yoga app for everyone. The app has more than 60,000 reviews and devoted followers worldwide.

      The audio-based app offers 2,500 trainer-led, music-based workouts in a variety of categories, including running, elliptical, rowing, strength training, stretching, yoga, and more. Oh, and if that isn’t enough, 30 new workouts are added each week. Later, stale gym routine!
      Zombies, Run! 

      Award-winning novelist Naomi Alderman co-created this fitness-meets-gaming app that allows users to live out their “very own zombie adventure story” while also completing a run or walk (#casual). As you log steps, you’ll hear a zombie-themed audio drama (imagine: guttural breathing, rattling groans) that might just inspire you to pick up the pace.
      Burpee Workout

      If you’re pro burpee, this app is for you. It’s entirely centered on the classic bodyweight move, offering burpee challenges of varying length and difficulty.

      The non-academic, self-structured aspects of student life can prove invaluable in personal growth and development and in the enhancement of the experience and knowledge base you will gain at Saint Mary’s.

      The Office of Recreation, Involvement, and Student Engagement (R.I.S.E.) provides opportunities for students to connect with others with similar views, aspirations and concerns, providing framework for those students to work together for a common goal. The university directly and indirectly encourages and provides for a wide variety of such programs. A number of student organizations, clubs, and fraternities provide students with many avenues for personal, vocational, and social growth.

      The Office of Recreation, Involvement, and Student Engagement

      • Promotes student engagement through experimental education
      • Provides opportunities for students to learn and utilize leadership skills
      • Fosters an environment that connects students and builds community
      • Facilitates a comprehensive series of intellectual, multicultural, recreational, social, and campus governance programs
      • Helps students realize their individual and collective potential
      • Helps to promote whole student wellness

      R.I.S.E. is staffed by professionals who are ready and willing to serve as resources for you during your time at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota

      Questions? Make sure to stop by the R.I.S.E. Office in Vlazny 106 or contact Mike Ostman, Director of Recreation, Involvement, and Student Engagement at 507-457-1686 or