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Sigma Alpha Iota

PR Business Club

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Academic Clubs

The Accounting Club provides learning opportunities for students in the accounting presentation. The club attends conferences and presentations.

Emily Composto –
Jenna Lange –

ASCD (Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development)
ASCD stands for the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development. ASCD is a national association and network of educators, and it is the education club on campus. The club provides access to further explore the field of education. ASCD brings in guest speakers, such as the Minnesota Teacher of the Year, hosts panels, and other interactive, hands-on experiences for students.

Spencer Johnston –

The purpose of this organization shall be to stimulate interest in biology among its members and the non-science community, to promote awareness of biological issues of current concern, to provide community service, and to create opportunities for all members to interact in non-academic settings.

Mark Leonard –

cNAfME (Collegiate National Association for Music Education Club)
NaFME prepares future music educators for their career. The club attends the MMEA conference and meets Wednesdays at 6:15 p.m.

Erin Budin –

The Chemistry Club promotes involvement in the community science programs, including providing demonstrations for local schools and programs on campus. The club works to expose members to various opportunities in the chemistry field. Some events include trips to chemistry labs, chemis-tree decoration, and local school demonstrations.

Allison Miller –

Data Analytics Club
The Data Analytics Club follows Saint Mary’s mission statement of awakening, nurturing, and empowering students to ethical lives of service and leadership. We follow the mission by implementing the five themes of Business Intelligence: business acumen, mathematics, computer science, data command, and communication. With these five themes, students are awakened to the stimulating environment of Business Intelligence, nurtured through the backing of well-established professionals, empowered in developing the skill sets to succeed in the Business Intelligence work force, and serve through teaching the community valuable data skills to be used in everyday life.

Nick Marshall –

The Entrepreneurship Club is for students of all majors who are interested in checking out what is happening in the emerging innovation community.

We will connect with rising entrepreneurs in music, sports, gaming, web design and many other industries. The club will take trips to Start-Up Venture weekends, TedX talks, and co-working/on-demand innovation work spaces around Minnesota. If you are curious about how to use your major to make a difference, come see what local entrepreneurs are doing and connect with change makers in your field!

Stephany Beck-

Math & Computer Science
The purpose of this organization is to promote scholarship and interest in mathematics, statistics, and computer science for members of Saint Mary’s University and social exchange among Saint Mary’s University students, mathematics faculty, and other interested faculty members.

Sarah Waterman –

The Physics Club watches science-related movies and documentaries and discusses new topics in physics.

Paul Steward-

PR Business
The P/R and Business Club gives students exposure to specific positions in the Public Relations and Business fields. This is done through field trips to businesses in the Twin Cities, Rochester, La Cross, and Winona area. Also, speakers are brought in throughout the semester to talk about their experiences and give students advice. The club goes on a trip each semester and hosts two to three speakers a semester.

Jake Hagstrom –

Pre-Health Professions
The Pre-Health Professions Club at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota is a community of students willfully dedicated to providing various opportunities related to various career paths in the world of health professions in hopes of advancing the understanding of those health-related career fields and further education.

Goal 1. 
Create and Maintain a collaborative interpersonal community of students seeking guidance and opportunities for their perspective health profession career path.

Goal 2. Aid all members in the steps and process of their prospective career path.
Goal 3.
Provide all members with the opportunity to grow, learn, and excel through various opportunities in order to be prepared for further education and life outside of SMUMN.
Goal 4. 
Become an accredited chapter for multiple pre-health profession organizations to provide members with graduation regalia opportunities, and other opportunities that will aid in their career path advancements both now and in the future.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Goal 5. Maintain a healthy active status in the SMUMN community as well as the Winona community while upholding the values of integrity, honesty, and dedication.

Dawn Gilyard –

Psychology Club
The purpose of psychology club is to promote interest in the area of psychology and to provide a vehicle for exploring psychological issues in the hopes of furthering theoretical and practical knowledge as it pertains to students and campus life. Also, this club attempts to facilitate intellectual discussion and personal involvement in the community services of Winona.


Mara Novakovic-


College Republicans
The College Republicans is a club of politically active individuals who come together to discuss ideas, topics, and what is going on in the world and with our government. People of all parties are welcome to join, although the majority of our members are Republicans or have conservative values. We try to make people aware of the events or voting opportunities going on in the community or in the United States. Our biggest event every year is CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) that happens generally right before Spring Break, where we take a group of students from the club to go to Washington D.C. and hear politicians speak, listen to panels of speakers, and gather with likeminded college students from all over the United States. Our mission is to inform ourselves and others of what is going on in the world, get people involved in the community, get students to use their right to vote, and ultimately give students a space where they will not be judged for their beliefs or their opinions.



Jake Petraitis-


Colleges Against Cancer
Colleges Against Cancer promotes cancer awareness and raises funds for cancer research. We do a No Shave November event to raise money for cancer research, and we participate in the Winona County Relay for Life.

Haley Williams –

Culture of Life
The Culture of Life Club is committed to cultivating a society that supports human dignity at all stages in life. In order to foster this type of community, we host events pertaining to pro-life, sustainability, and helping the impoverished, elderly, and many others. We dedicate ourselves to working for a better tomorrow and improving the lives of those around us.

Bailey O’Hare –

SAGA (Sexuality and Gender Alliance)
Sexuality and Gender Alliance, in accordance with SMU’s dedication to diversity and social justice, will actively build community among LGBTQ persons and their straight allies. The alliance works to create an awareness of and respect for sexual diversity. Because of the prevalence of heterosexism and homophobic attitudes, SAGA recognizes the difficulty that sexually diverse students may have in realizing, and celebrating all aspects of their personalities and cultures. By providing an educational and supportive environment to the Saint Mary’s University campus, SAGA will combat myths, prejudices and fears about LGBTQ persons and their cultures in order to dispel them. We will sponsor lectures, panels, residence hall programs, discussions, films, showcases, literature, and entertainment events concerning issues of sexual diversity.

Milo Schommer –

Student Senate

The Student Senate of Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota is the official representative and voice of the undergraduate student body.

Our Mission is to act as the official representative of the undergraduate student body on the Winona campus by articulating student views while pursuing best interests with the Board of Trustees, the administration, and faculty in order to promote mutual cooperation, understanding, and transparency to further enhance the quality of education, life on campus, including student organizations, social, cultural, spiritual, and co-curricular activities.


Heidi Ledermann-

Club Sports

Ballroom Dance
The purpose of this club is to provide students with the opportunity to learn how to ballroom dance in a relaxed and fun environment. This club hopes to provide a fun atmosphere in which students can learn to dance, while having a good time. The club will also be involved in collegiate competitions and an annual showcase.

Mariah D’Souza –

Cardinal Cheerleaders
The mission of the Cardinal Cheerleaders is to promote Cardinal Pride throughout the Saint Mary’s community by cheering at home varsity sporting events. We strive to develop this strong sense pride by accepting and celebrating the diversity of the members of our team, student athletes we cheer for, and all other members of the Saint Mary’s community.

Samantha Peterson –
Cameron Taylor –

Dance Team
The Dance Team of Saint Marys University is new and improved this season! We hope to promote Cardinal Spirit across the campus!


Kaitlin Patterson-

Downhill Ski and Snowboard
This club takes frequent trips up to coffee mill so members can ski or snowboard.


Abigail Johnson-

Figure Skating
Our primary purpose is to foster figure skating. Our goals include the promotion of fitness and wellness for students through recreational figure skating opportunities and with advanced and well motivated skaters, to create a team to perform at SMUMN hockey games.

Michaela Heuckendorf –

Men's Club Hockey
Saint Mary’s Club Hockey team was started in the year 2011 by Christian Esposito. The team allows students the opportunity to play competitive hockey outside the NCAA team. Saint Mary’s belongs to the American Collegiate Hockey Association Division II. The team is a part of the Northern Collegiate Hockey League, playing teams from Minnesota, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

Jacob Coleman –

Nordic Ski Club
All undergraduate students are invited who wish to continue their development in nordic skiing. Resources will be available to support training and travel to collegiate- and citizen-level races.


  • Learn the exciting sport of nordic (cross-country) skiing or continue your development through organized team practice and competition
  • Meet other students while fostering a love for the sport through bonding activities and fun night skis on the lighted campus trails
    Improve ski skills through optional training, including fall dryland training
  • Help the local community by volunteering for trail maintenance and teaching youth to ski
  • Travel to citizen races in the Midwest, e.g.: Junior National Qualifiers (JNQs), CCSA invitationals, and the American Birkebeiner/Kortelopet

Heidi Lederman –

Soccer Club
The mission of the club is not only to unite members of the Saint Mary’s University community through the medium of soccer, but to allow Saint Mary’s students to interact with and spread their love of soccer to younger members of the community by volunteering at Riverway or Maplewood events with the help of our advisor Joseph Tadie. With his assistance, the club is not only allowed to practice during the week and play games against other Minnesota-based soccer clubs, but to take an hour or two out of our busy student lives to give back to the greater Winona community.

Max Champa –

Ultimate Frisbee
The Ultimate Frisbee Club is a fun and competitive sport, where you can also have a great time making friends and meeting new people. We host and attend a variety of tournaments throughout the year, and we have practices on weekdays.

Jacob Kramer –

Volleyball Club
Club volleyball is a way for students who played volleyball and want to contiune to play competitively in college without the commitment of a varsity sport to get involved on campus. We are a competitive team that practices two times and week and we attend 2-3 tournaments in the midwest region each semester. We have a lot of fun at practices but we are still serious about the game we love.


Katie Ball-

Men's Water Polo
The Men’s Water Polo club competes against other club water polo teams mostly within the MIAC and various Division 3 club water polo teams.

The teams have travels to various torments, and stay overnight in hotels. The club occasionally uses school vans for transportation but most of the time transports themselves using their won vehicles. The team attends three to four tournaments per season and host at least one home tournament. The men play in fall and women play in the spring. Women are allowed to play with men but men are not allowed to play with women.


Nick Sawchuk-


Women's Water Polo
The Women’s Water Polo club competes against other club water polo teams mostly within the MIAC and various Division 3 club water polo teams.

The teams have travels to various torments, and stay overnight in hotels. The club occasionally uses school vans for transportation but most of the time transports themselves using their won vehicles. The team attends three to four tournaments per season and host at least one home tournament.


Caroline Hoffman-

Yoga Club
Yoga Club wants to provide a stress-free and relaxing environment for students to practice yoga, gain flexibility, take a break from studying, and meet new people. Meets twice a week: Mondays and Wednesdays at 7:30 pm in the dance room.


Caitlin Wallerus-

Z-Club (Zumba Club) offers weekly Zumba classes to Saint Mary’s undergrads. These free classes help promote fitness and a healthy lifestyle on campus. In addition, the class is a nice way to take a break from studying and meet new people. The club meets Monday and Wednesday at 8:30 in Dance Studio and Aqua Zumba is held once a month in the pool.


Brianna Jacobson-

Greek Life

Phi Mu Alpha
The fraternity seeks to guide its members into virtue and brotherhood while advancing music around campus and in the community. Through performances, setups, and socials events, the group grows in music while staying loyal to its Alma Mater.

Sam Theuson –

Sigma Alpha Iota
TO FORM chapters of women college students and alumnae who have a sincere interest in music.

TO UPHOLD the highest standards of music.

TO FURTHER the development of music in America and throughout the world.

TO GIVE inspiration and encouragement to members.

TO ORGANIZE the cultural life of Sigma Alpha Iota members as a contributing factor to their educational growth.

TO SUPPORT the ideals and goals of the member's Alma Mater.

TO ADHERE to the highest standards of citizenship in school, community and fraternity life. “The VISION of Sigma Alpha Iota International Music Fraternity is to be recognized through-out the world as the foremost fraternity that

  • Supports and encourages women musicians of all ages, races, and nationalities
  • Supports and promotes successful and innovative educational programs in music for all stages of life
  • Cultivates excellence in musical performance
  • Promotes programs and activities that stress the love and importance of music in our lives
  • Recognizes technological advances in the field of music
  • Dedicates financial resources that ensure the continuation of programs necessary to support the objectives of the fraternity in perpetuity
  • Has as its members people who exemplify professional and ethical behavior in the spirit of the Sigma Alpha Iota founders.

Katherine Ethen –


Black Students and Allies
The main objective of this organization is to foster education and personal development through diversity, academics, and social services that will bridge the gap between students of color and the general population at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota. We will also strive to integrate new students into the welcoming atmosphere of Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota.

Tatiana Jones –

Inter-Cultural Awareness Association
The Inter-Cultural Awareness Association (ICAA) is a support, service, and educational organization of the Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota Community. It is the goal of this association to work closely with the administration and community of Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota to empower all members of this community to come together to challenge, inspire, and liberate ourselves from the fears and prejudices which impair our ability to achieve our full potential. Central to this mission is ensuring that all persons of diverse ethnic backgrounds have a forum to bring issues of human difference to the table. The Inter-Cultural Awareness Association Office serves as a center where these differences can be acknowledged, celebrated, and appreciated enabling all members of this learning community to be part of our larger mission of educating and celebrating the whole person

Cesar Gonzalez –

Solidarity Council
The purpose of the Solidarity Council is to unify and collaborate with people from all backgrounds on Saint Mary’s campus, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or religion, provide an educational and respectful environment to all Saint Mary’s students where we are free to share our unique perspectives on different aspects of life and learn from one another, and showcase our cultural traditions and share them with the greater Saint Mary’s population.


Tatiana Jones-

Performance, Visual, and Fine Arts

2nd Page Improv Troupe
We are an improv club that meets to work on improv games. We have a free show every month and also work to train a small group for that.

Maggie McGee –

Art Club
Teresa Wroblewski –
Open Mic Night
OMN is a monthly program for the SMUMN student body, faculty, staff, and community to perform and enjoy fair trade coffee and delicious snacks. All acts are welcome: music (instrumental or singer/songwriter), performance arts, spoken word, stand-up comedy, etc.

Jordan Kubista-

Pep Band
Pep Band is a music group who plays at men’s and women’s hockey and basketball games.

Maura Michener –

USITT (United States Institute of Theater Technology)
USITT is the technical theater club on campus. USITT stands for “United States Institute of Theater Technology”. We are a chapter of the national organization, which connects us to working professionals in our respective fields throughout the nation.

We put on dances each year and share new techniques and job opportunities in the area for summer internships. The group attends the USITT conference each semester to network and learn and meets bimonthly in the green room of the Page Theatre.

Parker Kaeding


Catholic Relief Services
The Catholic Relief Services, an international relief organization, on campus advocates for Social Justice issues that have an effect on both community and international levels. We work directly with the larger CRS organization in pushing for the social change that they are pursuing on the global scale. Our hope is to make students more aware of the implications that issues closer to home have on the global community.  Some events we have done in the past are the World Fair Trade Fair, the CRS swap shop, panels on Laudato Si’ and ISIS, and the Fair Trade Bake-off.

Brianna Jacobson-

Fellowship of Christian Athletes
The mission of FCA is to provide all athletes and non-athletes of the Saint Mary’s campus with the opportunity to connect the world of sports to faith. FCA is open to anyone and everyone. All members have equal rights to membership and ability to hold a leadership position. The club at all times will hold a president, vice president, secretary and treasurer. The president shall lead meetings and send out weekly emails. The vice president is responsible for leading prayer and welcoming everyone. The secretary is responsible for making advertisements for events, and the treasurer is responsible for money concerns. The advisor for FCA will be a full-time staff member at
Saint Mary’s. They will not only advise what we do, but take part in our meetings as well. General meetings will be held twice a month on Mondays, while leadership meetings will be held every Monday. All members will be notified via email about the meetings.

Grace Wegleitner –

Night Prayer
The mission of the Night Prayer Club is to help students grow in their relationship with God through the Catholic Church’s practice of saying the Liturgy of the Hours.


Jessie Quicker-

Service Clubs

Big and Little Pals
This club works with at-risk children from Jefferson Elementary School here in Winona. We go to the school, pick them up, and bring them to Saint Mary’s, where we help with homework, give them snacks, and do different workshops, such as cooking, music, and art. We bring them home. Throughout the year, we do fun activities.

Levi DeLong –

Buddies reinforces self-esteem, fosters valuable friendships, and creates an environment where the developmentally and physically disabled can enjoy various activities with Saint Mary’s students.

Kiernan Dunham –

Habitat for Humanity
Habitat for Humanity offers students at Saint Mary's University the opportunity to step out into Winona and help the less fortunate through painting, construction, and demolition. It is the goal of the organization to promote the students’; leadership and impact on the surrounding community.

Megan DeMaris-

S.O.U.L. (Serving Others United in Love)
S.O.U.L provides students with the opportunity to attend mission/immersion trips. These trips provide students the opportunity to learn about social justice, human rights, and children welfare issues. These are firsthand experiences to the issues and will help students grow through knowledgeable perspectives. There are fall, winter, spring, summer, and weekend trips.

The group meets Sundays at 7 p.m. in Vlazny.

Aldontae Guess –

Special Interest

Cardinal Newsblog
The purpose of the Cardinal is to maintain a news website to cover events and issues of interest and importance to the Saint Mary’s community. The Cardinal is funded, written and edited by the students of Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota. A weekly printed flier is distributed on the Saint Mary’s University campus to drive readers to the website. A weekly email newsletter is sent to the students, faculty, and news blog subscribers. News stories and features in the Cardinal are intended to inform, entertain and educate the university’s community.


Colleen Garry-

Finance Club
We hope to continue learning of the financial industry using a hands on interactive approach, make connections both in the St. Mary’s community and workplace and also provide participants tools to succeed in the financial world.


Patrick Laughlin-

Future Alumni Committee
Future Alumni Committee teaches people the importance of giving back and what it means to be an alumnus. It hosts many events each year that encourage people to give back to Saint Mary's, thank benefactors, and network with alumni.

Samantha Peterson –

Dungeons and Dragons
Dungeons and Dragons is a tabletop roleplaying game with turn-based tactical combat. D&D is about storytelling in fantasy worlds of elves, dwarves, halflings, humans, and more.


Elizabeth King-


Garden Club
The purpose of the Garden club shall be to learn about the practical ways of sustaining plants and the environment, explore and utilize our outdoor surroundings and to teach and connect with anyone who is eager to give the natural setting a helping hand.

Annika Blesener –

Saint Theresa and Peter Leadership Club
St. Theresa and St. Peter Leadership Club is committed to developing students’ lives of ethical service and leadership. All members of STPLC are given the opportunity to grow socially, spiritually, academically, athletically, and professionally. In its entirety, STPLC hopes to stretch the mind and soul of each and every individual that is involved in leadership activities and initiatives both on and off campus.

David French –

Student Activities Committee
The Student Activities Committee (SAC) of Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota is responsible for providing the Winona campus community with:

  • A variety of inclusive social, recreational, and educational programs.
  • A nurturing environment for students to socialize and interact with their peers outside of the classroom
  • Extra-curricular opportunities for students to develop and display their leadership skills and talents.

Participation from the entire student body is encouraged and all programs are considered. Committee meetings are held weekly and events are on-going throughout the academic year.

Kamila Kuchta-

Grace Sharp-Madson-

Student Athletic Advisory Committee
Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) is the student-athlete voice for all student-athletes on campus. According to the Saint  Mary’s chapter of SAAC as well as the National SAAC, the Student Athlete Advisory Committee allows student-athletes to have a voice at the campus, conference, and national levels. Each committee is made up of student-athletes assembled to provide insight on the student-athlete experience and offer input on the rules, regulations, and policies, that affect student-athletes’; lives on campus.

Laura Sonday –

Taylor Richmond Benefit Dance
The Taylor Richmond Benefit Dance has been a spring tradition at Saint Mary’s for nearly 20 years. Each year a dance, featuring a live band, is held in Saint Mary’s gymnasium. Proceeds from the dance and accompanying auction are given to a community member in need.

The benefit dance was started in 2001 by students in honor of Taylor Richmond, son of Saint Mary’s staff member Nikki Richmond and Nick Richmond. The dance ensures that Taylor’s memory lives on at Saint Mary’s.

Aldontae Guess-

Sarah Fowler-

Video Game Club
Video game club offers an opportunity for students, faculty and community members to come together with the common interest in gaming. This is an excellent relaxing and social event on campus that involves every member individually, forming strong and lasting relationships between members. Many participants look forward to the monthly drop-in 9 hour meetings.

Mark Leonard –