22nd Annual Taylor Richmond Benefit Dance

The Taylor Richmond Benefit Dance has now been a spring tradition at Saint Mary’s for more than 20 years. Each year a dance, featuring a live band, is held in Saint Mary’s gymnasium. Proceeds from the dance and accompanying auction are given to a community member in need.



Days until the 2020 Taylor Richmond Benefit Dance









Progress Towards Our Goal of $25,000


Beneficiary coming soon.

Silent Auction

Information on the Silent Auction will be coming soon.

The 20th Annual Taylor Richmond Benefit Dance

Thank you to everyone who helped support the Taylor Richmond Benefit Dance last year. As we plan for next year, this website will be updated.

The theme of the evening will be “TBD” The Hall of Fame Room in the Toner Student Center will be decorated, complete with a photo booth, and refreshments will be served.


The Story of the Benefit Dance

This benefit dance has become an annual tradition since it was started by students in 2001 in honor of Taylor Richmond. Taylor was the son of Saint Mary’s staff member Nikki Richmond and was born with ataxia telangiectasia, a degenerative genetic disease that severely limits movement, depresses the immune system and leads to a host of debilitating symptoms.

He was first profiled in 1994 at age 5 in a Daily News story about his parents’ journey to understand his disease, which was first diagnosed as cerebral palsy. Because the disease affects the immune system so severely, many people with it die early in life, just barely out of childhood or as a teenager.

In 2001, many students and staff learned of Taylor’s disease and surprised the Taylor by organizing a formal dance, with all proceeds used to fulfill his dream of going to Disney World.

The next year the dance became an annual tradition, with each year’s benefits going to a different worthy person with connections to the university. Over the years, the benefit has raised tens of thousands of dollars for, among others, a child with cerebral palsy, an employee with breast cancer, a former SMUMN hockey player and Marine veteran injured in Afghanistan, and a SMUMN volleyball player critically injured in a car crash.


Past Beneficiaries

2001- Taylor Richmond: “When You Wish Upon a Star”

2002- Brady Johnson: “A Night At The Drive-In”

2003- August Tadie: “The Love Boat”

2004- Christ the Teacher Institute for Education in Nairobi Kenya: “You’ll Be In My Heart”

2005- Reghann Lafrance: “Reach for the Stars”

2006- Amy Taylor: “Dancing The Journey of Life”

2007- Shelly McMahon: “The Start of Something New”

2008- Steve Groby: “Celebra La Vida”

2009- Gehren Family: “I Just Can’t Wait to Be King”

2010- Griffin Family: “I Know That Every Mile Will Be Worth the While”

2011- Tony Grathen: “All Aboard”

2012- John Misiewicz: “Miracle on Ice”

2013- Sabrina Bushlack-Larson: “Country Strong”

2014- Jason Richter: “Richter’s Field of Dreams”

2015- Conner Turnbell: “Game Day Gala”

2016- Heidi and Linden Johnson: “Night Under the Stars”


2018: Jennifer Martinson: “A Walk Among the Bluffs”

2019: Joseph Row: “Super Joseph’s World”


Social Media and Contact Us


Contact James “Twigz” McGuire, Coordinator of the Office of Recreation, Involvement, and Student Engagement.


Phone: 507.457.1686

 Buy your tickets to the 22th Annual Taylor Richmond Benefit Dance or donate to this year’s beneficiary through University Tickets by clicking the link below in fall 2021. Coming soon!